Business Operation Services


  1. Document Development
    SDMI develops and delivers SOPs, Program Descriptions, Facility/Equipment Specifications, Disaster Recovery Plans and other techincal documents.
  2. Process Improvement
    SDMI performs a program review to identify process improvement opportuities, and then recommends automation and technology options that improve logistics, staff productivity and reduce ergonomic risks.
  3. Sustainability
    SDMI identifies and recommends changes to core business practices that directly impact purchasing, product consumption and waste management to create a more sustainable business operation which conserves resources, products and operating expenses in a socially responsible way.
  4. Training
    SDMI develops and delivers training to Animal Care Staff, Investigative Staff, and Contract Staff.  Training programs include:

    1.  AALAS Certification Exam Prep
    2. Animal Care Best Practices
    3. Pre-construction Contractor Training
    4. Regulatory Compliance