About Us


Sol Del Mar, Inc. was founded to deliver Creative Animal Resource Education Consulting Services to the animal science community.  Founder and President, Laura Jones, is an Animal Science Specialist with expertise in innovative planning, facility programming, design criteria, construction process, process application, project management and training development.  She is a Certified Manager of Animal Resources (CMAR) with significant experience in operating large scale animal facilities including animal agriculture, BSL 3, discovery research, biotechnology and preclinical drug development.

As a member of a Global Leadership Team, she facilitated the integration of staff and resources during corporate mergers by influencing global harmonization across multiple geographic locations through strategic planning to create cross-site program alignment and business practices.  She participated in master planning R&D business drivers for growth and expansion of core research facilities across the continent.  She represented the vested interests of multiple business units to secure capital funding and development approval for several new R&D buildings. Further, as a client liaison, she has led Design Teams through 25 capital projects representing nearly 2,000,000 gross square feet, ranging from tenant improvement remodels to construction and occupancy of new research buildings.

SDMI is dedicated to promoting sustainable facility operations through education and benchmarking best practices.  Ms. Jones has been a student of the U.S. Green Building Council, and uses this resource to help our clients evaluate and change business practices which implement sustainable operations.

Our primary focus is on education.  After several years of providing online Exam Prep Courses for AALAS Certification, our program has proven successful for the majority of our students who fully participate and we are tracking approximately an 88% pass rate for first-time attempts.   If you are looking to further your education and career, please check out our courses here.

Commmunity Outreach

Educate Science students at local universities, community colleges and high schools on “Animal Welfare in Biomedical Research.”

Volunteer: Ventura County Animal Control Emergency Volunteer Responders Team and National Disaster Search Dog Foundation

Laura Jones, BS, CMAR, President & CARE Consultant